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The costs of education are problematic for many students who want to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate education. Scholarships are some of the best solution to this problem. Some of the most beautiful and satisfying dreams, those connected to a good education, are made possible by finding a scholarship.

So this is our mission: to help students from all around the world find the means to fund their education, in their pursuit of a better life and a better future. We believe that access to education, when given to everyone, can make the world a better place. Our goal is to provide useful and up to date information about scholarships for students, in various areas of study and countries.

We know that finding the right scholarship is not always easy, but with persistance from your part and accurate sources of information, it is an attainable goal. Searching for scholarship, you will discover that they can be offered by universities, governments, but also by private organisations and companies. Criteria for receiving a scholarship are also diverse: financial need, academic merit and motivation, professional experience, religious affiliation or nationality. Here you will also find details about application process and timeline, selection process and other important advice for prospective students.

The more you learn about financial ways to fund your studies, the better you will understand that scholarships are various and it is possible to find one that can help you get closer to the career you dream of.

As new information about scholarships appear daily, we advise you to check our website regularly, for news about the latest available students scholarships. Also, feel free to contact us with questions, suggestions or opinions. Your feedback is appreciated, because it helps us to improve and complete the information we gather and provide to our readers. Tell us what you need to know about scholarships, what information proved itself valuable and helpful and what are the biggest difficulties you encounter while searching for a scholarship. Our team will offer you the best solutions and answers, so that as many students as possible can find the best suited scholarships for their needs.