The University of Liverpool Online MBA

Let’s face it – MBA is costly. Yup, MBA is costly. I don’t need to emphasize the word costly because you know the obvious. You might be facing a certain crossroad in your career that forces you to consider that earning an MBA is of great help for a career step-up. The problem is that enrolling in a MBA program means apparent and endless conflicts to your career time. Let’s face it – for business professional, twenty-four hours a day is not enough. The dilemma is that if you will not do something to level-up your credentials, your hundred hours a day of work may be put in vain. The solution? Let’s face it – you are a business professional – you want easy solution. University of Liverpool offers its online MBA. It is among the easy solutions there is when it comes to dilemma-filled MBA decisions.

Everything is online. It means that you will not be forced to relocate to earn an MBA. The University of Liverpool Management School is a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The AACSB is a leading accreditation body for business schools worldwide. The University of Liverpool is also a member of the Russel Group. With this accreditation, you will be assured that you will earn a worthy MBA. The online program itself is evaluated by the EFMD Online Course Certification System. These accreditations and memberships are crucial given that there are many worthless programs out there being offered. As a side note, If traditional and physical schools and universities and their respective programs undergo accreditation to gain credibility, online programs are expected to follow the same process. Hence, in selecting for your program, either in the University of Liverpool or to other universities and schools, always have a due diligence which is focused on the credibility and quality of the programs offered.

The program is designed as a research oriented. Given that the delivery of the course will be one hundred percent online, you will have a peculiar advantage of immediately applying what you learn to your actual work. You have the option to focus on an area which includes entrepreneurship, strategic finance, operations, and global business depending on your career needs. The program provides an online forum where you could engage on professional discussion with fellow business professionals. Online degrees always attract international students. Thus, you will have access on networks of professionals coming from different countries across the globe. To complete the program, it will take at least 29 months. If you will enroll into a full-time program, 29 months is a very long period to sustain. You will go through 5 core modules and 3 electives from the area of Global Business, Operations, and Entrepreneurship. You are required to craft a dissertation on which the graduate professors will supervise you.

Online MBA is the product of innovation of internet. Internet provides unprecedented solutions to problems. Internet provides new approach to difficult questions. Thus, this online MBA maybe your solutions to your career needs.

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