The Botari Women’s Scholarship Fund of the University of the People

Education will always be a bridge for opportunities. That is an undeniable fact. Ironically, pursuing a degree for all levels costs a lot which make the opportunities for education as difficult as grabbing for opportunities of decent employment or exciting entrepreneurship. That is another undeniable fact. Education will always have costs. First, you need to pay for the fees. Second, you need to pay for the books. Third, you need to pay for expenses associated with relocation if you intend to enroll into a school outside your hometown. Fourth, you need to pay for your expenses. The worst: you might need to sacrifice your job or potential job or business to pursue it. An undeniable fact is apparent – education always introduce irony and dilemma. But everything is changing. Advancement on technology and incentives of innovation have introduced trailblazing solutions for these existing problems. The costs enumerated earlier have one apparent solution – online education.

You might heard or read something about it somewhere. You might heard that the selling pitches of online education are “you could earn a degree anytime and anywhere “ and “it is cheaper”. Combined these two pitches and you will have a very enticing offer – and you should be enticed. Online education is becoming mainstream as existing schools and universities starting to offer online degrees and courses. Actually, the selling pitch is true. Online education is indeed cheaper and you could earn it at your own pacing. Online education does not require you to quit your job or transfer city. All you need is time allocated in your day, a laptop, webcam, and reliable internet. That’s it. The beauty of online education is that you might be possessing most of these things. I mean – who has no laptop or at least easy access to a computer and internet nowadays?

To make online education sweeter, many universities offer scholarships. That is really exciting. One of them is the University of the People. It is an online university established in 2009. It has affiliation with leading and reputable universities. It offers very competitively low fees given that operating such university is lower compared to an actual campus. The quality of education is theoretically at par with traditional universities because the institution itself is accredited by a body recognized by CHEA. To complete a degree in the University of the People, it requires you to take series of exams. You will be asked to pay for every exams you take until you complete the program.

If you are a Brazilian women, University of the People offers the Botari Women’s Scholarship Fund. If you are intending to enroll for an associated degree, this program is the right one for you. Once awarded, University of the People will waive for you 10 exams processing fees – great savings for you part not to mention that you don’t need to incur additional costs. For more information of this program, please visit their website at:


If you are not qualified for this program, please visit their website. There are still lot of scholarship programs that they are offering. Who know? You might be qualified.

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