Innovation and Education: The online MBA of Charisma University in partnership of Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM) College of Higher Education

Innovation pervades almost everything you do. The current technology provides us new ways to do the usual things and it always come with a bonus – enhanced efficiency. It is undeniable that technology provides us tools to make our life easier. The ultimate advantage of technology is the new solutions for difficult problems of yesterday. Education is not precluded from the influence of technology and innovation. You might heard about online educations, online courses, online degrees, and online universities – all of these online’s. These terms are unheard of years ago. Actually, these are the products of the influence of technology and innovation to education. There is a large chance that before you faced one of these problems: you did not have time to attend the classes but you wanted to enroll, you wanted to enroll but you don’t have enough money to pay the fees, you wanted to study in a certain city or country but the relocation costs and the processes of immigrations do not give much motivation, or you are just too committed to your current career or business that letting them go for education is not that apparently worth it even though deep inside your heart you want to pursue more schooling. Surprisingly, these apparent dilemmas have simple solution – online education and everything ‘online’ that comes with it.

You might heard about these online stuffs. You might consider it like some voodoo or shenanigans. It is understandable. First, you might reached at least high school or college with all of the classes conducted on an actual classroom on an actual school. Second, it seems to be too good to be true; many schools and universities that offer online courses and degrees advertise that you could earn a degree ‘anytime and anywhere with less cost.’ However, being ‘too good to be true’ does not mean it is not possible. It is just a matter of innovation.

So, if you are interested to pursue a MBA but you just don’t have enough time and/or resources to dedicate with, an online MBA is the answer. Charisma University in partnership with Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM) offers MBA programs with different specializations. Charisma University is an actual accredited university. It has an actual campus that offers actual programs which classes are conducted on its actual classrooms. Realizing the potential of online education, it has made an alliance with GAQM through its College of Higher Education. Global Association for Quality Management is a premiere provider of certifications for both business and Information Technology (IT) professionals. Every program offered by the GAQM is made through online from the lessons to the certification exams. With the facilities of GAQM, it is possible for you to earn an MBA even without attending any physical class. You just need to study the lessons provided online and attend some online sessions. From attending the virtual class to taking the virtual exams, everything is online.

If you are worried that online degrees do not possess the same worth of your usual degrees, there is an assurance since many of online education providers are accredited.

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