Civil Society Leadership Awards: Full Scholarships for Master Degrees

The Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA) is a full scholarship program offered to international students who want to pursue a master degree course in social sciences. The Civil Society Leadership Awards are funded by the Open Society Foundations in partnership with universities from France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Poland, US, Hungary, Hong Kong and Latvia. The scholarship covers tuition fees, travel related to the academic program, accommodation and other living costs, health insurance and funds for academic development.

The award is given to students from one of the following countries: Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Belarus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia, Egypt, Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Libya, Laos, Myanmar/Burma, South Sudan, Republic of Congo, Syria, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

How does the application process work? Students who are citizens of one of the above countries must apply for the CSLA and the admission board will choose the successful candidates and they will be placed at a specific university program, according to their academic experience, language certificates and professional aspirations. The placement is final and in some cases, candidates must complete additional application forms for certain universities, proving that they fulfill all the admission requirements of the university.

Beside citizenship, candidates must also hold a Bachelor Degree obtained before 15 July 2017, must demonstrate leadership abilities in civil society activities and excellent academic results. Relevant professional experience is also an advantage and language proficiency is an important condition (candidates must have a required level of English, French or German, depending on the country they will study in). Candidates will be selected also on the basis of their motivation to go back to their countries and get involved in developing an open society. Applicants must also take into consideration that they will have to participate in an intensive summer training program in July or August 2018 and be able to start their academic year in August or September 2018. The CSLA are offered to students who are interested in studying one of the following domains: Journalism, Communication and Media, Education Management and Leadership, Gender Studies, Human Rights, Public Policy and Administration, Politics and International Studies, Economics, Development Studies, Law (including Human Rights Law), Culture, History and Society, Public Health Policy and Management, Environmental Studies and Management of Natural Resources, Social Work and Policy.

Deadline for application is 15 July 2017 and results will be announced via email in September 2017. Semi-finalists will take part in an interview, then take a language test in November 2017, when the final selection will also be made. In December, the final results will be announced.

Candidates are advised to apply online, here, and can find more information about the application process reading or downloading the application guidelines, from here.

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