Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students at Coventry University

Coventry University invests around £1 million every year in scholarships and grants for students.

For courses starting in September 2017 and January 2018, candidates from all countries can choose from a variety of scholarships, for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Scholarships are up to £10 000 each and the university encourages all students to apply for the scholarships that are right for them.

Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship (CAPS) is available to all international students and has been offered to thousand of students in the past. The value of scholarship is £2000 and it will be granted on criteria which include academic achievement, level of study motivation and understanding of the program and extracurricular experience. Students to not need to apply separately for the scholarship. Those who apply for a full time undergraduate program at the university will be taken into consideration for the CAPS scholarship. The deadline for application is 30 June 2017 and the courses will start in September 2017.

Scholarships for high achievers international undergraduate students are also available at Coventry University. They consist of £2000, offered to students from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, USA, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The application process is open for courses starting in September 2017, and the deadline is 30 June 2017. These scholarship are offered to students from the mentioned countries who are applying for a full time undergraduate program and fulfill a series of academic requirements and can prove a certain level of extracurricular activity or work experience. The number of available scholarships is two for each country. For this kind of scholarship, students do not need to complete a separate application, they just need to apply for an undergraduate program at the university and they will be taken into consideration for the scholarship. Selection will be made on criteria like academic achievement, motivation to study and the extracurricular activities. This scholarship can not be hold in combination to other Coventry scholarships. If a student receives more than a scholarship from the university, the most advantageous scholarship will be granted to the student.

To apply for undergraduate courses at Coventry University (and implicitly, for the high achievers and CAPS scholarships), students must start here. European students must apply through UCAS.

Students who have applied and have been offered a place at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities can apply for the IDEA (International Dean’s Excellence in Academia) scholarship, which is worth up to £9000 and can be renewed each year deeding on the academic results of the holder.

Students who have excellent academic experience must complete the application form and send it together with a statement of support by email to scholarships.io@coventry.ac.uk or they can print it and send it by post to the international scholarship team. Deadline for application is 30 June 2017. You can find out more information about IDEA scholarship here.

Coventry University offers £1,250 scholarships to EU undergraduate students, application process starting in on the 15th of July 2017. EU students must fulfill certain academic requirements, specific to each country. The requirements are explained here.

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